FlatOut Aussies (Diamond Bluff) (AUST) - Sejer's breeder
JJ Ranch (NL) - Sejers father
Pincie Creek (US) - Sejers father's breeder
Särkivaaran (SF) - Sejer's uncle
Rising Sun Farm (US)
Border Collie breeders
Kennel Akersborg - Mist's breeder
Sejer's relatives
Lisa, Eskil and Loi - Sejer's brother
Linda, Elsa and Modja - Sejer's sister
Åsa and Stella - Sejer's sister
Fätorpets kennel - Sejer's brother
Tina and Phoebe - Sejer's sister
Tora and Jeff - Sejer's nephew
Hege og Hera - Sejer's cousin
Roar and Sarek - Sejer's uncle
Kjetil, Ping and Nix - Sejer's halfbrother
Lilleba and Jolly - Sejer's niese
Mist's relatives
Helena and Jill - Mist's daughter
Elin, Älva and Lyn - Mist's daughter
Kennel Nyans - Mist's daugter
Nickie, Milo and Japp - Mist's son
Veronica and Femme - Mist's daugter
Petra, Algot and Mick - Mist's son
Liam and Christoffer - Mist's son
Svipps relatives
Crofter Holding's (S) - Svipp's mother's breeder
Jubii og Ann-Christin - Svipp's sister
Zorro og Lena - Svipp's brother
Håttso - Svipp's brother
Hege og Ditte - Svipp's cousin
Kennel Nordlandsbris - Svipp's cousin
Marie-Louise og Skippo - Svipp's uncle
Skogstrollets kennel (N) - Svipp's mother
Other aussie friends
Aussie clubs
SKK Hunddata Swedish Kennel Clubs database
Vallreg Swedish Herdingdog Database