Sejer is the apple of my eye. Not a day goes by without me sending a thankful thought to Karin at Diamond Bluff kennel for letting him move to Norway. I didn’t think it was possible to love a dog in the way that I love Sejer.

Sejer is a dog with strong instincts, and I often joke about him not being totally domesticated. He has an honest language, and there is never doubt about what he’s opinions are. He has a strong herding instinct, and it’s really fascinating to se how that shows in his every action. Sejer is energetic, persistent, cooperative and he takes his work very seriously. He is quite a “thinker” and does not usually do anything impulsive during training – he really tries to understand what I mean. He is playful, always hungry and easy to motivate.

Physically I’ve gotten all the things that I want from a dog. Sejer is not too big, and he moves with a speed and agility that takes my breath away. I think that he has a beautiful head with an intelligent and alert expression, just like a herding dog should have.


Name: Diamond Bluff Colorado (Sejer)
Born: 14. August 2007 S54593/2007
ASCA E155007
Breeder: Karin Dahlin,
Diamond Bluff Kennel, Eskilstuna, Sweden
Color: Blue merle, white og tan
Eyes: Brown. Status (17.03.10)
Teeth: Scissor bite, full dentition
Hips: A (FCI)
Elbows: A (FCI)
Tail: long
Height: 54 cm
Weight: 20,5 kg